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Special examination of sexy Olga

Another fresh week and time to see another lovely tight babe in action. The name of this little hottie is Olga and she does love her special treatment for the pussy. We wanted to bring you this nice and hot update as thanks for following us for so long and we can certainly say that this video is the best one that we got to shoot yet. Olga is a very sexy and cute babe and she always knows what she wants. She sais that she has no problems with everyone getting to see her pussy as she regularly likes to play show and tell with the guys she gets it on with and she’s really proud of that little wet and eager hole of hers. So let’s see her at work too.

Well as you can imagine it doesn’t take long for the babe to undress and present her sizzling hot nude body for everyone to see. She assumes the position and spreads her legs, eager to let that speculum spread her pussy and let the doctor see if there’s anything wrong with her vagina. Shortly? not a single thing as everything seems in perfect working order and the babe was more than happy and ecstatic to hear that too. Well she did have the guy run some more checkups on her sexy body as well just to make sure. And yes, she just did that to tease him and have him play with her very lovely and cute body as well. So enjoy it as usual everyone!

[hana-flv-player video=’http://specialexamination.net/trailers/olgas-special-exam-video.flv’ width=’600′ height=’338′ clickurl=’http://specialexamination.net/members/play.php’ autoplay=’false’ loop=’false’ autoload=’false’ splashimage=’http://specialexamination.net/trailers/olgas-special-exam-video.jpg’ /]

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Kristina’s special exam

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome back to a new and hot update as always. For this one we have the superbly cute and sexy Kristina here to get her examination done with as well and as you will see, this is one cute and adorable little babe that enjoys thins kind of thing. Mostly because she lacks any inhibitions so she has no trouble in getting super horny and kinky too. We can tell you right now that you will be impressed with how kinky and dirty minded this babe is so be warned everyone.

[hana-flv-player video=’http://specialexamination.net/trailers/kristinas-examination-video.flv’ width=’600′ height=’338′ clickurl=’http://specialexamination.net/members/play.php’ autoplay=’false’ loop=’false’ autoload=’false’ splashimage=’http://specialexamination.net/trailers/kristinas-examination-video.jpg’ /]
As the cameras start to roll, you get to see the superbly hot and petite blonde babe as she takes her time to remove her clothes in a very suggestive manner too. Well you can bet that this signaled to the doctor that he’s dealing with quite the naughty and sexy little lady, so he aimed to treat her as she was. Of course, she just adored having that pussy checked out today and she was very happy to have a hard thing sliding in her pussy and out as well. So have fun with her scene and see you next week as well with some more! Also you can visit the http://hotkinkyjo.net/ website and watch a kinky lady getting her ass fisted! See you soon,guys! Stay tuned!

Nerdy babe at gyno exam

This new week we have another special examination porn that you get to see and enjoy everyone. It has this sweet cute and sexy babe with glasses and pigtails as she also goes in for a pussy check up this afternoon. Well you can check out another cute babe that had her pussy taken a good look at as well last week so check that out too for some more amazing scenes. Coming back to our sexy lady for this day though, you can rest assured that you will be in for quite some treats with her. She was super cute and shy in the beginning, but you get to see her loosening up and enjoying it actually by the end of the whole thing today. So let’s get started.

She also gets to undress first and you get a good long look at her very hot and sexy body. You can enjoy getting a glimpse of her perky and playful tits as well and the only thing that she keeps on are her white and cute ankle long white socks. Sit back and watch her laying on her back and spreading those nice long legs and see the doc use a speculum to check out her cute pink pussy for any problems. After that, the babe gets to have her temperature taken as well and the doctor puts a nice and small little thermometer in her cute little butt too. Suffice to say that she is very healthy and she was ready to go afterwards too.


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SpecialExamination – Med students exploring

Well this week has new stiff for you guys to see as always. In this scene we bring you a superb and adorable little update with a female gynecologist that trains her interns on the ins and outs of their future jobs. And to help her out she has one cute and adorable that that had her pussy all ready to be explored in detail by them too. Well let’s take the time to see the action go down with this willing babe as she lets that eager pussy of hers toyed with today shall we? we know you will just love it too.

special-examination-by-a-female-doctorThe scene starts off with the female doctor and teacher having this simply luscious and sexy teen babe take off her clothes and take her spot on the table. Then she pulls out the apparatus to check out her pussy and she has the guy paying close attention at what she does. Of course, you get to see the guy take his turn to practice it as well and it was quite nice. Watch him as he gets to take gentle care of this babe’s superb and eager pussy and enjoy the whole scene. We will be returning next week with another amazing and hot gallery for you to see! Until then, you can enter http://queensnake.org/ and watch fetishist model in action!special-examination-by-a-female-doctor-2

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Sexy babe gets stripped and examined

Here we are once more with a new and fresh scene. For this one we have to show off a new and cute little lady that was taken for a special exam today by a flight checkup officer. Well she was really cute so you can’t blame the blonde and cute police babe for wanting to see this adorable cutie naked today. Let’s take the time to see her in action for her scene as the doc aims to give her a nice and thorough check up as well to make sure that everything is okay too. So let’s get this show started without delay shall we?

At firs the kinky doctor and the police babe had the lady strip to her undies and as you can observe this babe has quite the kinky taste for lingerie too. She was wearing a very sexy and hot pair of red satin panties that just made her look even cuter. Take your time to see the doc play with her perky natural tits as she was starting to enjoy the treatment and then see her taking her panties off as the expert hands were ready to check her pussy as well. And all this time the hot police babe got to watch the whole show too! If you liked this scene, maybe you wanna watch some sexy anime chicks getting fucked, so if you do, enter the http://artofjaguar.net site!


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Scared pussy on the gyno’s table

Another fresh week and time for one more amazing and hot special examination porn update for you guys to enjoy this amazing afternoon. What you get to see today is one more super little babe all eager and ready to get her pussy examined. But she did have butterflies in her stomach about it as she never got to have this type of thing done before. You can also check out another blonde hottie getting her pussy checked out in a previous update as well so check it out too! As for this scared little babe, let’s take the time to see her in action as she gets to have her examination without delay this fine afternoon today shall we?


The superb scene has the babe stripping out of her clothes first as you can see and she takes her spot on the exam table with her long sexy legs spread open. Well the cute doctor goes about his job, but it seems that this cute teen’s anxiousness turned to hornyness rather soon as she began to man in pleasure with the guy checking out her pussy. The doc wasn’t one to just start her up and leaver her hanging so he continued to stimulate her pussy until the babe was satisfied too. And that’s how this cutie got rid of her anxiousness for this kind of thing from that day onward. Have fun with it and see you soon with more. Rest assured that you will have what to see guys! Also you can enter the asianprego.org site and watch some pregnant Asian babes getting their pussies examined!

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Pierced pussy getting examined

Well today we have another special scene to show off to you. In this one we bring you another sexy lady and her superb special examination scene and it’s quite hot to see her in action as well. She had a friend of hers drop by and keep her company while this whole thing was going down, but it seems that the only thing it served was to get both of the babes naughty and horny. Let’s get to the bottom of this and see more in detail just what happened to the whole scene shall we? We know you are curious to see as well.

So this little babe was due to have her gyno exam and like we said, her buddy was here to keep her company. So take your time to see the sexy lady as she gets to undress and take her spot with her long sexy legs spread wide open for the examination. And you get to see her good buddy help out as well as she helps spread that naughty pussy too. We hope that you enjoyed this nice and amazing little scene for the afternoon and we will be seeing you guys next week with another amazing and hot update like always! Until then, you can click here and watch some similar fetish videos!

pierced-pussy-getting-a-special-examinationEnjoy watching this blonde getting her pussy examined!

Special examination by hot doctor

This week comes with new and hot scenes and we bet that you will just adore these ones everyone. In this new update you get to see another superb little cutie as she gets to have that nice and eager pussy taken care of as the doctors examine it in detail. You can check out another sexy and cute teen as she gets her cute ass and pussy examined as well in the last week’s session so make sure you don’t miss that one either everyone. Anyway, coming back to this scene, this little brunette babe happened to come across quite the hot and sexy stud of a doctor for her little examination this nice afternoon. So let’s see how things went down shall we?


As the scene gets off to a nice start today, you can basically tell that this little babe had her head already chock full of naughty ideas. One was to somehow get this doctor interested in her naughty self today and so she proposed to herself to be as naughty as possible on the exam table. As soon as the doctor started the checkup she started to make cute and sensual moans to signal him that he’s turning her on. Well he wasn’t one to not cater to a babe like her. So take the time to see this beauty lying on her back with her legs spread wide open and see that cunt getting fingered nice and hard by the doctor’s expert hands this afternoon. If you liked this scene, check out the http://squirtalicious.org/ site and watch some hotties squirting while getting fucked! Have fun!

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Teen pussy examination

Hey there once more everyone. Here we are back again with a new and hot little specialexamination update just for you. For this one you get to see another lovely babe and her examination scene this afternoon. This babe happened to be a cute and sexy teen with shoulder long dark blonde hair and quite the petite body too. You can imagine that the doc was more than happy to conduct his examination on such a pretty babe with such a cute and adorable naked body too. So let’s sit back and see the action start as we bet you want to see it too.

As her scene starts off, the beautiful and sexy teen gets to undress and show off her luscious curves for the doc and the cameras too. She has the doctor spreading that nice and cute pink pussy wide open to get to have a better look at it and you can already hear the babe moaning too. Well after that whole pussy check up, her nice and cute round ass were next on the list and she wasn’t going to skip that either. Enjoy seeing her getting her cute butt checked out as well and enjoy this amazing and hot scene everyone. If you liked this scene, you can visit the hotkinkyjo.org site and watch some similar kinky videos. Enjoy!


Watch as this babe gets a full cavity examination!

Pussy and ass examination

Hey there guys and welcome to a new and hot special examination porn update. Today we bring you another sexy little fresh scene with a new babe and some more kinky stuff happening in the examination room. You see, we had this babe that was eager for her exam to come, but she was kind of scared too. The thing is that you don’t have to do much to have this little cutie cum and quirt like a fountain and since the hands doing the examination were those of a nice and cute babe doctor, she was bound to have that happen today.

clonde-hottie-in-special-examination clonde-hottie-in-special-examination-2

Sit back and watch the show get started with the lovely and cute blonde little lady as she takes her clothes off completely and takes her spot on the examination table. Our little doctor starts the examination and notices that this little cutie started to moan as soon as she got her hands on her pussy. Well she ran the checkup quickly, but she did that in order to tease her some more as she was enjoying the cute moans that she had the babe making. So sit back and enjoy seeing the doctor play with that eager pussy today everyone! If you wanna see some similar galleries, enter the infernalrestraints.us site and see some slutty chicks getting their tight holes examined!

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