Teen Gets Examined

We have this sexy teen getting naked on the doctor’s table for a quick examination. She was leaving for college in a few weeks and she wanted to check with her doctor to see if everything was ok before leaving. She tried calling his office but her secretary told her that he left for a few days but he had another doctor taking care of his patients. She wasn’t to comfortable changing doctors, but she was in a hurry and beside that, her doctor must’ve left this doctor in his place for a reason.

The sexy brunette made an appointment for the next day and was kind of nervous. Once she got there she saw that she was all the reasons to be because her doctor was looking kind of weird at her. She entered in his office and without to much talking he asked her to undress completely and then she made her do all kind of funny things that didn’t have anything to do with medicine. Spreading her legs, fingering her pussy and all these kind of things. If you want  more make sure you check out the entire picture gallery and you can also check out www.fetishliza.org for her latest scenes. Enjoy it!

hot babe getting examined

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